Tracking Sleep, Fasting & Weight in Notion

notion image
show you how I use notion on my phone to do some data tracking. I just go into the daily tracker click here. Then I kicked today's date. Open up a page with loads of different data entry points. I've got today's date, woke up on a slept.
If I write in the time that I woke up at that time, I slept your records. How long I slept. And then each day I'm recording my weight and then I do some fasting. So if I type in, when I began eating and when I stopped, I can record my fast and that does that there. And then I've got some other stuff that I record, like other stuff that I tried to keep up on these then feed into a weekly review.
So then I can go, okay. My average rate was this, my average sleep was that. Then they feed into a monthly review. Same thing. And then they can actually go into a quarterly review and then into yearly review. So you can use all those those stats to make some calls. You can go, okay. Actually separately, badly this week, instead of just assuming, you actually have the data.