How to Manage vendors with Notion

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"Vendor management is THE SKILL..yet no one is talking about it " @auren
So back in 2018 @auren made this Tweet that is even more important today.
We find our vendors in a variety of ways but store them in one central @NotionHQ database. Each Vendor will have their own page where we will test them just like NEO in the matrix during his first training simulation.
The test MUST be paid and be a version of your working environment. You are paying to send in Agent Smith, who represents all of the challenges your vendor will face.
Next, we rate the vendor using our testing methodology or the "leap of faith" in the Matrix If they pass the threshold they will move onto the next database and system.
NEO did not make the first jump so maybe your vendor merits a second test. So now we have a battle-tested vendor we can move onto vendor system 2
If you would like to see a video of me breaking down the above tweets then click here 👇 https://ronankelleher.ck.page/130bd8b650